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IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver and Advanced Rider Courses

In conjunction with our parent charity the IAM, we offer training to both drivers and motorcyclists in the form of the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver Course and Advanced Rider Course (formerly known as Skill for Life).  These cost £149, for which you will receive:

  • IAM RoadSmart associate training material pack and logbook.
  • Training with our volunteer observers.
  • The chance to sit the IAM's advanced test.
  • One year's national membership of the IAM.
  • Three copies of the IAM's magazine Advanced Driving.
  • Associate membership of the Glasgow South group.

We offer a £20 rebate following successful completion of the IAM test to drivers and riders who are aged 25 or under when they join the group.

Signing Up

For more information or to purchase an advanced course, please visit the IAM RoadSmart website:

IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver Course

IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider Course

Once you have done this, please get in touch and we will make arrangements to begin your training as soon as your application has been processed.