Glasgow South IAM Group

Scottish Charity Number SC023513

As a local IAM group, we offer a range of practical courses aimed at improving road safety through the development of driver and rider ability.  Information on some of these courses can be found in this section.  If you would like further information, please contact us or come along to one of our meetings.

We also run regular Introduction to Advanced Driving presentations, which will be of particular interest to those considering signing up for the Advanced Driver or Advanced Rider programmes.

IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver and Rider

The IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver and Advanced Rider courses are the IAM's principal offering, which the Glasgow South group delivers to both car drivers and motorcyclists.  If you sign up for the course, you will become an associate member of the IAM and the Glasgow South group, and will be given coaching to prepare you for the IAM advanced test.

Full details can be found on our IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver and Advanced Rider course page.