Glasgow South IAM Group

Scottish Charity Number SC023513

What we do

Our season of observed runs starts in April and continues through to September.

These observed runs are designed to improve your riding skills to a standard which will allow you to pass the IAM advanced motorcycle test. This test is carried out by an IAM-appointed examiner holding a police advanced motorcycle certificate.

Observed runs are led by IAM observers, and usually last around an hour and a half, allowing for several stops to discuss your riding and make some suggestions for improvement. On arrival at our destination (usually within a thirty mile radius) we’ll discuss the run over a cup of tea or coffee.

If that all sounds a bit formal, don’t worry! We are all keen motorcyclists, we love riding our bikes, and we want to make your time with us enjoyable, while hopefully building your skill levels.

The benefits 

Improving your riding skills will bring improved safety awareness, greater confidence and familiarity with your bike, and may help to lower your insurance premiums.  You will have the opportunity to take part in our monthly Sunday runs, riding some stunning roads with like-minded people.  During the winter when the weather is not so pleasant, we have regular social evenings where our members gather for a chat.  Ultimately, we offer you the chance to gain increased enjoyment from your bike.

For full members (those who have passed their advanced test), we have our Advanced Enhanced group, which provides a focal point within the club and offers the chance to ride with like-minded advanced riders who wish to further hone their riding skills.

What we expect from you

Firstly, we need commitment. We offer a course of six to eight consecutive Wednesday evening observed runs, by which time we would expect you to be ready to take your IAM test. We understand that things can ‘crop up’ unexpectedly, and we have no problem with that, but in general you should be prepared to set aside consecutive Wednesday evenings to prepare for your test. You will also need to spend some time on your bike between runs to practice your new skills.

You should already have spent enough time riding your bike to be fairly competent, and we expect you to be reasonably familiar with the highway code.

You need to be properly dressed for riding a motorcycle; you do not necessarily need the latest and greatest gear, but proper motorcycle clothing is essential.

You and your bike should be legal, and we are required to check your documentation when you first attend.  Yes, we know lots of bikes have race cans, etc., but don’t let that put you off coming along.

All our observers are volunteers who use their own bikes at their own expense. After each observed run, a donation of £6 towards their costs is expected. This is common practice throughout IAM motorcycle groups.

About us

The motorcycle section currently has seven IAM observers.  We are all passionate about bikes and biking, and between us we have many years of motorcycle experience. We all ride our bikes year-round in all weathers; we tour, commute, do track days, and ride purely for fun. We like to think of ourselves as ‘real world’ motorcyclists.

You may have preconceived ideas of IAM riders as flat-capped, pipe-smoking, BMW riders. Why not put your misconceptions aside and come along and talk to us? Mind you, we do have a few BMWs, but we also have a diverse range of bikes from GPZ500s to R1s.

How do I join?

The Advanced Rider package costs £149 and includes group membership, a copy of the IAM's training materials, the IAM test fee, and one year's national associate membership of the IAM.  You can buy this package by visiting the national IAM website.

For further information, please Contact Us.

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